Sample Wellness Coach Resume

The wellness coach is the person helping the candidate for attaining mental and physical well being. They are also known as fitness coach. They design the fitness program depending on the physical capability of the candidate and train them in the physical exercises for maintaining good health. You will need a wellness coach resume when you wish to work as a fitness coach. These coaches are required in fitness centers, schools, colleges, gymnasiums, etc. They also work as a private fitness coach and provide the physical exercises and design the diet programs for gaining good health. Here we discuss about the job profile of the fitness coach and provide the wellness coach resume example. This sample will help you to get clear idea of the details to be included in this type of resume.

These coaches motivate the candidate for attaining mental and physical well being. They must understand the physical capabilities of the candidate and provide the exercises accordingly. They must have accurate knowledge of nutrition planning and they must design the proper diet plan for the candidate. They perform the duties of the fitness coach. When working as the fitness coach, you need to understand the potential of the candidate and teach them the physical exercises. They also understand the psychological needs of the customers and help them in boosting their self confidence. Here we provide the sample wellness coach resume to help you in designing the resume if you are applying for the similar position. After going through this wellness coach resume sample you will know the tips for writing the coach resume and significant points to be included in it.

Sample Resume

Carmen Thompson
543, Radio Junction, Down Street, New York, USA
Mobile – 09287567099
E-mail ID

Well trained and experienced fitness coach looking for the position of a wellness coach in an esteemed organization to train the candidates and help them become mentally and physically strong.

Career Summary
• Over 6 years of experience working as a fitness trainer and nutrition specialist
• Gained extensive knowledge in diet planning for weight loss and weight gain regimens
• Possess the ‘A’ grade certification in nutrition planning and wellness
• Have psychology background focused on the study of human behavior

Key Strengths
• Excellent verbal communication skills and interpersonal skills for effective interaction with clients
• Effective time management skills and organizational skills
• Knowledge of computer skills for maintaining the health records and diet records of the clients
• Certification in nutrition planning
• Ability to work within rigorous deadlines with good quality work
• Good team player and possess leadership qualities
• Ability to understand the potential of the candidate and provide the exercises accordingly
• Makes effective use of the available resources

Educational Credentials
• Diploma in Nutrition Planning, 2005
University of Houston, USA

• Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, 2002
Houston University, USA

Work Experiences
Active Health Club, New York
Designation – Wellness Coach
Duration – June 2005 till date

• Determined the physical standard of each candidate and provided the exercise accordingly
• Designed appropriate diet programs for people with different needs
• Educated people regarding preventive care measures and mental and physical well being
• Conducted the seminars to state the importance of good physical and mental health
• Monitored the fitness regimen of the clients and guided them for practicing proper exercises
• Kept record of payments of every candidate and presented it to the authorities whenever demanded
• Interacted with the clients, understood their problems and provided necessary solution
• Set goals for the customers and encouraged them to accomplish these goals

Personal Profile
Name – Carmen Thompson
Date of Birth – 4th June 1979
Gender – Female
Nationality – American
Marital Status – Married

Mr. Joe Meyers
Chief Administrator,
Active Health Club, New York
Mobile – 09578658898
E-mail ID

You can also include some more references in your resume. Also you can prepare a separate sheet mentioning the references and present it to the employer at the time of the interview when demanded. The resume of the wellness coach must include all other relevant details that are required for working as a fitness coach. Do not unnecessarily increase the length of resume by including irrelevant details, but include all things that you feel may help you in your job. You may not know what things are expected by the employer and you may miss the opportunity if your miss any of your job specific details.

Health and Wellness Coach Training

There are many training providers that offer health and wellness coach training. If you are aspiring to be a health coach and want to be trained by professionals, there are many things that you should definitely look out for when looking for a good training center. These things will help you decide on the best training center that will teach you everything you need to know about this profession.

Most schools provide health and wellness coach training that are divided into core classes and support classes. There are many principles and skills that are developed during the whole training and it’s important to know which classes are important in order for you to decide on the school that will teach you everything you could possibly need to become an effective health coach.

Generic coaching skills are one of the basics in health coach training. Look over the curriculum and find out if the school provides extensive training on this particular area. Generic coaching skills involve several models and approaches in coaching. This gives you a wide range of options in how to deal with different clients who have different health issues and concerns.

Core principles in coaching must also be taught. Not only will this be very helpful in your future career as a health and wellness coach, it will also make you more flexible and will prepare you to become a coach in whatever field you might find interesting in the future. Other coaching fields which you can apply with core coaching principles include life coaching, sales coaching, business coaching, parental coaching, financial coaching and others.

When you have learned all those core principles, it is of course very important to have courses that specialize in health and wellness. This is more specific and is a good complement to the basic coaching principles that you have learned on the first part.

Not only will this specialized coaching help you understand what needs to be done as a health and wellness coach, it will also teach you how to help your future clients in changing their lifestyle and their habits. These courses will teach you how to help people eat better, reduce stress, exercises, quit smoking and make other healthy choices based on proven scientific approaches.

Marketing is an important tool in health and wellness coaching. A well-trained wellness coach is able to attract clients and keep them in the program. A good training school should teach you basic and advanced marketing techniques that will help you attract clients without paying them and without massive forms of advertising on your part.

If you are checking out training providers, make sure that you choose the school where you can learn only from the best in the field. Review the people who will be teaching different techniques to you and make sure that they are qualified to be your wellness coach teachers.

Schools that provide a certification program, whether affiliated to an institution or not, is also an advantage. Certification does not only check if you are qualified to become a coach, it will also be an attractive part in your resume.